Philosophy Summer School

Welcome to the website of the Summer Philosophical School, which has been held since 1991.

The Summer Philosophical School (Letní filosofická škola: LFŠ) is the annual informal meeting of students, teachers, and important people of the scientific and cultural sphere and of all people interested in philosophy in its narrower or broader sense.

The aim of the Summer Philosophical School is to establish a common environment in a few days’ program of lectures, seminars, discussions and other types of meetings for developing philosophical, religious and scientific discourse in the spirit of pluralistic, multicultural and personal approach.

The Summer Philosophical Schoolarose from the initiative of the associate professor Karel Floss – he was its spiritus movens up to its 21st year as long as the Summer Philosophical School was held in Sázava. Since the year 2012 has taken the place in Dub nad Moravou, where it is held and organized  by the Association for the Summer philosophical school.

We welcome all of you who are interested to Dub n.M. to the Summer Philosophical School at the beginning of the summer holiday as always  – as Plato summons – to philosophical co-being (συνουσία) and co-existing (συζῆν).